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Many members have called to voice their concerns about a company known as “TRG” (The Resource Group), which touts itself as a “global outsourcing company”. I have done quite a bit of research on this company and find them all over the internet. They are advertising in local area newspapers, on the net at monster.com, careerbuilders.com, jobs at myspace, to name a few.

TRG is advertising for agents to “market Verizon FIOS products including cutting edge television, internet and voice”. This is our work. When questioned about a help wanted ad in the Courier Post, Director Erica Kelly responded to me via email stating, “My understanding is that this is the Door-to-Door vendor”. Nice.

I have referred this very important matter to Dennis Trainor, Assistant to Vice President – District 1 Chris Shelton and am awaiting a response. Along with officers of CWA Local 1023 and CWA Staff Representative Elaine Waller, I have met with the CWA District 1 General Counsel regarding these serious issues of the movement of our work. The attorneys are in the process of preparing an extensive, comprehensive information request to present to the company. In the meanwhile, Executive Level grievances have been filed against the company for the TRG issue and the movement of Welcome Center and VOL Retention work to a vendor.

With bargaining on the horizon it is imperative that we keep a close eye on what this company is doing. If any member sees evidence of our work being done elsewhere please notify a Steward and/or Chief Steward. The Local will continue to fight this company using every means at our disposal to do so.

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